Welcome to 2013, our ultimate game-changing year!

We from the diversity Leadership do hope you had a great end of the year celebrations and perfect start 2013. 2012 was not an easy year; a good reason to strive for a game-changing 2013.

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We are most pleased to announce that online registration for our 4th annual European Diversity, Business and Inclusion Congress EDIC 2013 is now available.  

The challenge: Effectively attracting, on-boarding and retaining diverse talents is still one of the biggest challenges of companies and organisations in a very fast growing global economy. Facing those special needs of talents with disabilities, with different religious beliefs and from different cultures, to ensure employee and customer satisfaction and furthermore trigger performance and turnover, which are becoming more important than ever. Thus how are successful companies and managers making themselves attractive for these talents? What are the challenges and opportunities?

The conference: The 4th edition of Europe’s Leading gathering of Diversity, Business and Inclusion Thought Leaders will be focusing on how companies and organisations are overcoming challenges and maximising opportunities when it comes to on-boarding talents with disabilities, from other cultures and with other religious beliefs on the workplace. 

Venue: The Congress will be taking place in the heart of Vienna at the renowned and state of the art conference venue “Raiffeisen Landesbank Niederösterreich AG &

Ringturm, tower of the Wiener Städtische, Vienna Insurance Group

Focus: Whereas day one is focusing on Diversity Recruiting, Sharing Challenges and Identifying Opportunities when it comes to Religion, Ethnicity and Disabilities; day two is centred on overcoming Diversity challenges & maximising opportunities through diversity recruiting, a special keynote on “Learning from the USA´s Diversity and Inclusion Mistakes” and some insightful company panels.

Methodology includes: Keynotes, World Café Settings, Small Labs and Company Sessions.

Target group: EDIC is an excellent learning and resource platform for both Top Executives and Beginners offering its attendees a unique two days experience that may change their lives and that of their organisations. 

Speakers: True to our tradition, we have carefully selected over 20 of the best in class experts to refreshingly provoke, and inspire our attendees throughout this two day conference.

Register and find out more about our exceptional speakers and program  

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